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Man and his Comfort in the Public Space in relation to Climatic Condition (Examples of Using Regional Climate in Public Spaces of European Cities)

Abstract: Our skin with clothing make us more resistant to different and even extreme weather conditions. This will ensure our comfort. However this is not the only protective human layer. It may also be a space in which a person is currently located. The basic parameters that make a person feel comfortable in a certain environment are especially air temperature and relative humidity. The temperatureof the air arend us should be in the range 18-26 °C. The human body is highly tolerant to moisture. This can vary from 20% to 80%. The body is quite tolerant to wind and air movements. It is essential that these comfort parameters were as consistent as possible in a public space for a person to feel well and want to spend his time there as long as possible. Climatic conditions in European cities are not homogeneous across the continent. It is needed to adjust public spaces to the conditions of comfort. Areas should be primarilydesigned for the worst weather conditions. In warm areas it is needed to protect the places against high temperatures in summer. Inspirations come from both traditional architecture offering high understanding of climate and also on the current technical design. The article deals with examples of European cities where it describes how to achieve comfort conditions with different spatial arrangements, types of materials, vegetation, water and current technical elements. It also explains the physical phenomena that occur in response to the aforementioned examples such as: convection, conduction, radiation, evaporation and so on. Pleasant weather in public space is one of the most important criteria to enhance the liveability of cities to create a vibrant city. People will move happily along urban areas. This can be used to create an environment in new and existing urban areas and thereby attract people to the city.

LÖRINC VOKÁLOVÁ, Eva (2015). Člověk a jeho komfort ve veřejném prostoru ve vztahu ke klimatickým podmínkám (Příklady využití regionálního klimatu ve veřejných prostorech evropských měst). In: Pavel Holubec, ed. Člověk, stavba a územní plánování 8. ČVUT v Praze, Fakulta stavební pp. 220-232. ISBN 978-80-01-05655-4. ISSN 2336-7695.