Date of the conference

9. 11. 2023

Deadline for annotation 30. 9. 2023
Acceptance of annotation
13. 10. 2023
Registration of passive participants
13. 11. 2023
Uploading paper after conference 30.11.2023
Review delivered
Editing of selected papers after review


The conference is free for CTU students and employees.

For others it is necessary to pay a deposit until 31.10.2023.
For passive participants the deposit is 500 CZK.

For passive participants in online form is 200 CZK.
For active participants the deposit is 1200 CZK.

 If you are interested in a printed collection, an additional 200 CZK must be added to the amount for registration. Proceedings in PDF format are free.

Transfer to account:

number: 19-5504610227/0100
VS: 8402101
Write your firstname and surname in the message (its possible to signing two persons with same surname)