About Conference

The traditionally organized conference of the Department of Urbanism and Urban Planning is meant for the scientific researchers, undergraduates of doctoral study programs, public administration officers, professional practitioners, but also for company representatives and representatives of civil society - who are invited particularly to discuss conference posts.


As the title indicates, the conference has three main topics: urban planning, man and building. In more details, these topics represent as follows:



urbanism, urban planning, public space, urban-planning legislation, face of landscape, land use, broader context of transport and technical infrastructure, urbanistic theory, spatial information systems



relation man and town i.e. society and territory, spatial articulation of social processes, social geography, participation of the public in the planning process, the role of institutions and organizations in the process of planning and construction



city-forming architecture, conservation, industrial heritage, experience of building and planning practices, design of public spaces


Since the eight year of the conference (2014) all accepted and at the conference presented papers are going through a review process. Selected papers meeting the criteria for scientific text are published in a collection which is listed since 2019 in the SCOPUS database as conference proceedings. Therefore, a greater emphasis is placed on a scientific level of posts and publishing ethics