For the Authors

The urban issue is wide and various branches and professions have been dealing with it. This results in both, branch segmentation of researches and discussions on this topic, and different terminology, research methods and various branch and professional habits.

The objective of the ČSÚP conference is to provide the space both for sharing the knowledge, perspectives and experience and for critical assessment of their significance and professional quality. The selection of papers is composed of two phases:

1) firstly, the editorial board evaluates incoming annotations (the range of 200 - 300 words), notably with regard to their thematic focus and understandability for other disciplines and then selected authors will have approximately two months to elaborate full texts of posts (the range of 15 - 30 standard pages). Their delivery is expected two weeks before the date of the conference holding, at the latest

2) subsequently, all received texts will be checked by the editor (mainly their structure and thematic focus) and will go through a review process. Based on their professional quality and scientific achievement, the selected articles will be published in conference proceedings and submit to SCOPUS. All articles will be assessed by two reviewers - in a double blind review, the reviewers do not know the author of the articles and the authors do not know the reviewers.



In the registration form for the conference (only in czech) please check the "active participation", fill in the emerging field, "Title of the paper in Czech," and in the "Annotation" insert annotation of your paper (in Czech or Slovak) in the range of 200-300 words. After clicking on "Subscribe", the automatic checking of the number of words performs and an e-mail comes to a specified address confirming your subscription.

The goal of annotation is to introduce your paper to the editorial board, that chooses papers for presentation at the conference. Annotation should therefore concisely introduce your main theoretical or research question (theme of the paper) as well as its solution (results, conclusion), methodology, data or principal sources (according to the character of your paper). So, be carefull about clarity and cogency of annotation. Vague and too general annotations decrease the chance of the acceptance of the paper.


A paper of 15 - 30 standard pages please fill out according to the instructions directly into the template (can be dowloaded only from czech version of the webpage) and  upload it to the information system according the the schedule (after accepting your annotation, the login data should be sent to your contact e-mail). Please pay proper attention to publishing ethics.

In case of problems with logging in, first try to send login data to your e-mail again, or write to the organizing committee to the contact email.

Templates are in progress.