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Tools for Revitalization and Rehabilitation of Brownfields

Abstract: Typology and specific opportunities of brownfield revitalization are already largely described. Challenges and opportunities that brownfields represent have been adequately studied and presented, as well as specific ways in which these areas can be used or how they are used abroad. In other words, the questions why (revitalize brownfields) and what (we should do with them) are satisfactorily answered, but the question how (we can work with them) is not. This paper will focus on answering this question, which will deal with tools that enable the revitalization and rehabilitation projects in the area. Tools can be divided, for example in terms of spatial planning and urban design, from an environmental perspective, from the perspective of cultural heritage protection and from the perspective of investment opportunities. The result is that the issue of brownfields is handled by numerous institutions and instruments. The aim of this paper is to identify, classify and analyze these instruments. Paper will study instruments from other countries with long-term experience with this issue (eg. France, Great Britain, USA, Germany, Denmark) and analyse the feasibility of their implementation in the Czech Republic and their contribution. Because this theme is a very complex one, this paper is mainly focused on urban planning tools, economic tools (incentive and penalty) and building tools (designed to uphold the intentions of the municipality or the state by building mainly transport and technical infrastructure).

KUGL, Jiří (2019). Nástroje revitalizace a rehabilitace území. In: Jiří Kugl, ed. Člověk, stavba a územní plánování 12. ČVUT v Praze, Fakulta stavební pp. 215-224. ISBN 978-80-01-06634-8. ISSN 2336-7695.