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Landscape Protection: Land-use Planning Part and Potential

Abstract: Landscape protection has been entrusted by the Czech Republic law to the environment conservation domain in particular, and to historical monuments preservation and land use planning administration as well. Landscape protection is treated in its own special way by each of these departments. The environment conservation puts a strong emphasis on the natural aspect of the landscape while the historical monuments preservation is concentrated on particular objects or ensembles protection out of the context of natural environment. In the Czech Republic is a lack of a comprehensive attitude to the landscape. Does the conception of the landscape in land use planning meet the spirit of the European Landscape Convention?. Is the landscape understood as the people’s lives environment and their identity basis? Who does the landscape belongs to? Is it possible to consider the landscape in municipal borders as a sovereign territory, or should the interests of commuters and inhabitants of municipal region be also considered? Should the inhabitants of towns have a right for recreation in an harmonious landscape? What are the possibilities of landscape protection and development in urban planning?

SAKTOROVÁ, Dagmar (2016). Ochrana krajiny. Úloha a možnosti územního plánování. In: Pavel Holubec, ed. Člověk, stavba a územní plánování 9. České vysoké učení technické v Praze pp. 104-117. ISBN 978-80-01-06002-5. ISSN 2336-7695.