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Human on the Wheels - Transportation on bicycle between and in cities

Abstract: There has been a renaissance of the bicycle as a means of transport since the last decade. People are returning back to cycling as they did in the first half of the twentieth century, before the cars appeared. Cycling gets equal footing with the other means of transport again, whether it is cycling for comuting or just for recreation. It has become a common part of urban planning. Recently, a lot of trails and routes specifically for cycling have been made. These ways are further developed under considerable support provided by state institutions, public and other organizations. There has been an increasing number of people who use a bicycle year after year. Pedalling can improve rider´s health, it helps reduce the number of cars on the roads and thus decrease the amount of air pollution. The following text shows the possibility of bike transport in and outside the city. The solution of cycling routes in urban areas is quite different than the solution of routes in nature. In towns it is a more intricate problem involving coordination with other transport modes and the availability of space. With planning in rural areas, there is not so much limitation and it offers a wider range of options for routing solutions. In towns and cities cycling directions are especially seen in the context of existing roads or on special paths and routes. Worth mentioning is the connection of cycle-roads from the outskirts to the inner city routes. Together they should form a continuous system which has no complications and which can safely lead a cyclist from the mountains to a city center. This article also shows examples of realization - case studies of different types of cycling routes (urban area / rural area, sharing space with cars / segregated cycling), which will show a variety of different options for solutions of routes for cyclists in settlements beyond their borders.

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