Department of Urban Design, Town and Regional Planning of the Faculty of Civil  Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, is inviting you for the fifteenth year of the conference Man, Building and Urban Planning (ČSÚP 15), that will be held on November 24, 2021.

PLEASE NOTE! We apologize, but due to the unfavorable development of the epidemiological situation, the form of the conference was changed to a hybrid form - the speakers will broadcast together from one room, passive conference participants (listeners) will join via MS Teams. In the following days, you will receive a link to MS Teams by e-mail, where the conference will take place for the listeners in an interactive form - live broadcast. We will also ask all participants in the e-mail to send them an address as soon as possible, to which we will send them a package with the conference proceedings from the previous year, collection of abstracts from the current year and promotional items.


All information will be updated on this site and the Facebook page of the event. Please monitor them on an ongoing basis.


Conference is conducted in czech and slovak language. Its outcome is the peer-reviewed open-accessed conference proceedings where only titles and abstracts of published papers are in english. The conference proceedings are listed in SCOPUS databe since 2019.

The conference is intended primarily for scientific researchers, undergraduates of doctoral study programs, public administration officers, professional practitioners, but also for company representatives and representatives of civil society - who are invited particularly to discuss conference posts.