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Family House for Protected Landscape Area Krivoklatsko

Abstract: The Architecture and Urban Planning Committee of Protected Landscape Areas in Central Bohemia Region has to deal with low quality of new family houses architecture design in protected landscape areas very often. The recommendations for buildings were written to preserve typical form of houses in these very valuable areas. Thanks to these recommendations the suitable shapes and forms of architecture are guaranteed. Due to the passive standards coming be soon ordinary used in family house design, Administration of the Krivoklatsko PLA initiated the cooperation with Faculty of Civil Engineering CTU in Prague to try find new design of family houses Krivoklatsko PLA. Architecture and Building Engineering students worked out design of new family houses in Krivoklatsko PLA as their Bachelor projects. Altogether 15 student projects led by XXX dealt with the new locality design in Sykorice village. At first, students had to design simplified new urban layout of locality, different approaches to design were supported – from orthogonal parcellation along the road to the “nest” layout and to the loose conception with community living aspects. Student task was to design a new family house with passive elements on one chosen building plot. The architectural design was worked out to the construction design then. The goal of this paper is to present student projects as an inspiration for builders in Krivoklatsko PLA and evaluate the usage of new shapes and material in context of their suitability for design in Krivoklatsko PLA.

PEŠKOVÁ, Zuzana (2019). Rodinný dům pro CHKO Křivoklátsko. In: Jiří Kugl, ed. Člověk, stavba a územní plánování 12. ČVUT v Praze, Fakulta stavební pp. 86-97. ISBN 978-80-01-06634-8. ISSN 2336-7695.