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Historical Significance of the Traffic Passing through Hlucin Region

Abstract: This paper examines the present condition of the traffic situation in the historically specific Hlucin region. The traffic in this area is influenced by many factors, apart from frequent changes in the state law and society (mainly in the last century), it is also the current growth of requirements for transport connection between cities Ostrava and Opava. The attention is focused on concerns related to both road and rail connections between above-mentioned towns and also on opportunities to improve the current state. The possible solution for both cases is a parallel interconnection of main roads and railway lines (in association with the Opava river as the historical border of the Hlucin region). The backbone interconnection of Ostrava and Opava consists of two main roads (I / 11 and I / 56), each of them has its own specific traits. Some of these issues are either partially resolved or the solution still has not been found due to various obstacles. Although road I/56 leads through centers of all towns of Hlucin region and the other road I/11 leads entirely outside this area, it is clear that both roads depend on each other. It is not possible to resolve already exceeded capacity of the road I / 56 and complete the bypass out of Hlucin region towns until the proper connection with the road I/11 is done. The railway connection is under the investigation both from the historical and present perspective as well. The possibility of the public transport improvement is adumbrated. North and South railways were connecting Opava and Ostrava in the past. While the South segment works until today the North one was discontinued. Surely the North segment was additionally connecting also other places in the historical territory of Prussia. However, there is currently no through line from Opava to Ostrava. Due to these reasons, the object of further consideration is also the possibility of restoration of the original railway.

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